Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_backend,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Fun stuff lately in server land...

Presentation I did at MySQL conference in Orlando:

Building a distributed filesystem for Fotobilder/LiveJournal (will be open source):

We just bought 2 machines with 16 250GB disks, so we'll soon have 8TB of storage. I imagine we'll get about 6TB of real storage out of that after redundancy. (thumbnails and scaled versions will only be on disk once, probably, since they can be recreated easily....)

Building a new load balancer for FotoBilder/LiveJournal, with special support for mixing efficient buffer of mod_perl requests and for efficiently serving large files (using sendfile(2)) from disk, so mod_perl doesn't have to do it:

The proxy works already w/ FotoBilder. Haven't put it into production yet, but we rebooted all our LiveJournal proxies into Debian testing w/ epoll.h headers so we could build IO::Epoll (which is a requirement for Perlbal). They were already running Linux 2.6 (for epoll)
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